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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minecraft question

I just saw some screenshots on your blog and they look a bit like Minecraft... Coincidence? :P

Huh. I was going more for a “3D Dwarf Fortress with textures instead of ASCII characters”. Or maybe like a “3rd person empire building game based on Infiniminer”. ;)

Yes, I agree, my game and Minecraft both employ the use of textured cubes, they can be added and removed. However, beyond that, they’re pretty different. I’m making a 3rd person empire building game. My game gives the player the task of taking their small group of goblins and building a large, powerful goblin empire. Both games are inspired by similar sources, but they are taking different paths.

It’s understandable that my game could be mistaken for a Minecraft look-a-like from these early screenshots alone. Just follow the progress of the game and I’m sure you’ll see it develop into something new and different. Thanks for the question.

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