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Monday, May 16, 2011

More water work, NetBeans and threads

Spent most of the day Sunday on water flow and un-flow. Un-flow is working OK, but it’s not exactly where I want it yet. That’s fine with me it’s fun to work on. Sometimes I get these little oscillating patterns of flow that remind me of Conway’s Game of Life.
Water flows farther on surfaces that aren’t porous. This means you can create channels of stone that will carry water around (if you don’t have the resources to build pipes yet). This will be critical for all the goblin steam craft, water wheels and decorative fountains. 
NetBeans keeps saying that x class isn’t found. So, I have to touch the class file, clean build, then try again. What usually follows is class y not being found, so I have to repeat. I ended up writing a script that goes through and touches all the files. Then I can clean build once, without issue. Also, NetBeans has been giving me silly errors like:
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code - missing method body, or declare abstract
This is immediately after tweaking one little bit of code, then rebuilding. Obviously not removing the method body. /sigh. I’ve upgraded to the latest version 7.0, and I haven’t had any more issues with the classes not being found. However, there are some issues with the NetBeans UI and undo was acting weird. All that is better than missing classes though, so it’ll do.
I’ve been having threads die, without warning, without throwing an exception and not reaching any of their exit points. It’s a mystery, an annoying, frustrating mystery. For now, I’ve just added a thread watcher to see when threads go missing. The watcher then starts a new thread in it’s place. After more work on the water flow, the threads seem to have stopped disappearing. So I guess they were just crashing hard enough to not report. Hard to say.

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