I'm a software engineer who works on game development part time. I teach game development (on gamedev.stackexchange.com and lynda.com). I'm always working on something, and I'll post updates here. Let me know if there's a game development topic you want to know more about, I probably know the answer, or at least where to get one.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A tangent demo

About a month ago I wrote about a development tangent with a working title of AoG: New Korbly. Today I have a demo for you to try out. Starting from the fresh start at the refactor, this represents a little over a month of very part time work.

Multiplayer basics are in place, but it didn't get a lot of attention, so it's not quite ready to show off. We'll aim for that on the next demo. This demo has basic ship building, power management, radar and various other little features. We'll continue to improve on the game as long as it's of interest and as long as enough people are interested. Likely releasing a new demo when new features are introduced.

Without further ado, the demo


  1. Hi! Iam soo happy to find your blog as its inspired me to continue my big target :) Iam like you, a full time worker (with big family) with a dream..my verry own game.

    Like you my graphic skills are more like programmers art and i have a lot to learn.

    Keep on your good work!

    Greetings from germany,

  2. Tobi, Thanks. I hope you find success! Keep up the game development. If you have troubles, the gamedev.stackexchange.com site is a great place to ask questions and chat in the chat room. Good luck with you game, let me know when it's ready for some feedback and I'd be happy to give it.