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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Units and Font

So far this weekend I’ve worked a lot on bugs in the unit jobs. So far the jobs are: Add, Mine, Channel. I know, Mining and Channeling may seem similar, but there’s a key difference. Mining leaves a layer for your units to walk on, Channeling removes the entire cube, opening the space below. This is the aspect of Dwarf Fortress that I thought would be tricky to bring into a 3D world, but this seems to work.
This is what Mining the cube on the left looks like:

And this is Channeling the same cube:

Then of course adding cubes works just like you may think. Cubes are added… You can select what type of cube to add, or just tell the Goblins to use whatever they have on hand.
Finally, I spent this morning creating a number font. I’d looked all over for a Nixie tube font, but couldn’t find one. So I created my own! Yeah, it has the same programmer art style as all my other stuff, but it’ll do for now. Here’s a little count down:

Sorry for the flashy post :)

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