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Sunday, August 21, 2011

LD21 - Escape Innerspace!

I’ve finished my game for Ludum Dare 21: Escape Innerspace. It’s loosely based on the classic movie “InnerSpace”.  I could be happier with it, but I’m fairly proud that I finished a complete game on my first attempt.
Overall I enjoyed the experience. I’ll probably compete again in future events.
Some things I learned:
  • I write hacky/crummy code when under a time constraint.
  • Drawing out a story board before creating an animation sequence helps a lot.
  • Sound effects are fairly easy to implement using Slick and lwjgl (that should come in handy for Age of Goblins later on)
  • I should have a better overall plan of attack before starting on small projects like this (I had a vague idea for a game, then just started coding, I should have flushed out the idea more, it would have helped picking my underlying data structures)
Working in 2D was fun. I also really liked making maps by hand. The map for Escape InnerSpace used pixels of specific colors to specify spawn points and passable terrain. That made things easy. That being said, I’m excited to get back to working in 3D on Age of Goblins. I’m writing some shaders that hopefully will do some cool things I’ve been wanting. 
Escape Innerspace: Source code: https://bitbucket.org/byte56/ld21

Don’t judge me by that source code :)

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