I'm developing my first game, Age of Goblins. I develop this part time, and work at a "real" (read: paying) job full time. Age of Goblins is a three dimensional goblin empire building game. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. Age of Goblins gives a player control over a small band of goblins in a cube-based sandbox world. The player can instruct the goblins to add or remove different types of cubes, build various structures, make elaborate traps, and craft a multitude of items.

Friday, August 31, 2012

By saying it is you first game. Do you mean that you have never programmed anything before? not even like a pong game?

I do plenty of programming. As for games, I’ve made simple little things before, but they were simple enough to be contained to one or a few files. This is the first real game I’ve made. I’ve never done anything in 3D or anything so complex. This is orders of magnitude larger than any programming project I’ve done, game or otherwise. Thanks for the question.