I'm developing my first game, Age of Goblins. I develop this part time, and work at a "real" (read: paying) job full time. Age of Goblins is a three dimensional goblin empire building game. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. Age of Goblins gives a player control over a small band of goblins in a cube-based sandbox world. The player can instruct the goblins to add or remove different types of cubes, build various structures, make elaborate traps, and craft a multitude of items.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hand down, productivity down

Unfortunately, it’s been an unproductive week. Here’s the reason:

That’s my bicycle. It’s how I ride (rode) to work 5 days a week, 8 miles a day. Last Thursday evening on my way home from work, an on-coming car turned left directly in front of me. That caused me to hit them and break my bike in two. I didn’t get away unharmed either, the doctors say I have a fractured left wrist. I’ve been in a splint for a week and today got upgraded to a cast. The splint was super restrictive and limited my typing to right hand only. Luckily the cast starts just below the knuckles of my fingers, I can type again! More good news came when I learned that the other insurance company was accepting full liability (rightfully so). That means the replacement bike will be paid for, sweet.

I was able to do a little one handed programming however and I got some things done before the accident. World maps are now tied into the “colony” play areas, meaning I can generate new colonies and load existing ones from the world map. I’ve also started working on expanding the unit AI processor. Finally updated the control flow for adding and removing cubes. They complement each other a lot better now. Adding cubes also show up as cubes that can be interacted with as well, this makes it a lot easier to create more complex structures in the planning phase. It’s something I’ll have to demo in the next video to get full appreciation.